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Twenty years of experiences in the window joinery industry on many markets, not only the European ones, allows us to take up any challenge with full responsibility. Our own FORIS pvc profile system, renowned suppliers of machines and plants, verified suppliers of hardware and an experienced engineering-technical staff are undoubtedly our advantages.

Informatization of production and sales

We have our own computer programme – FORISwin - at our disposal. The programme supports the production and sales of window joinery. Also, the programme supports the preparation of any quotations and calculations necessary in each sales office. With regard to the technological process,  it enables the control of the machine park. Apart from this, it enables the proper organisation of the production process and electronic placement of orders  for any materials necessary for production.

Organisation of production

Our experienced staff will design technological lines and advise on the selection of machines and plants. In this regard, the experience of many years of work with a wide range of window joinery producers brings effects.

Delivery of machines and plants

The recognised world leaders in machines for pvc joinery production are our regular partners. We deliver machines and plants both for simple technological lines and for the most modern automatically controlled lines, characterised by great production capacities.

Delivery of production materials

Our offer with regard to the production materials includes practically all necessary elements for glass production. We offer steel reinforcing profiles, multi-point locking fittings for windows, complete entrance door fittings and a wide range of supplementary materials.