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Live healthy life

Our main principle is the production of top quality profiles without affecting the natural environment. We do not apply components which are detrimental to humans and to the environment at any production stage.

Ca-Zn technology

A group of components forming the so called stabiliser fulfils a very important role in the production process of the polyvinyl chloride. The task of the stabiliser is to ensure adequate physico-chemical paramters of the plastic material, including the resistance to aging processes. The stabiliser containing the harmful lead as one of its components is used most commonly in Europe. We eliminated the heavy metals at the production of FORIS pvc profiles and replaced them with calcium and zinc which are friendly for man and for the environment. We have been developing our technology of production of profiles with the CA-ZN stabiliser already since 1994, which caused us to become market leaders in this particular field. What is very important, the physico-chemical parameters of our profiles have not suffered from this. On the contrary, in comparison with the old solutions, we achieve even better results in the case of some parameters like, for instance, colour preservation.

Vinyl 2010 initiative

VINYL 2010 is a voluntary initiative of pvc producers in Europe, covering all participants of the process of production of blends used for pvc profile extrusion. The producers of pvc, stabilisers, fillers etc. take part in it. All of them, of their own accord, decided to reduce the application of the materials detrimental to the health of humans and to the state of the natural environment.  In accordance with this initiative, the use of lead until 2010 should be reduced to half of the value from 2000, so that in 2015, lead would be eliminated completely from the pvc production process in Europe.

Green Book

In 1997 the European Commission contracted five European research and development organizations to analyze problems related to the impact of PVC application to natural environments and related hazard to human health. Reports on the investigations have been collected together and a single document was eventually produced (so called PVC Green Book) that contains basic rules for dealing with plastics in future. It is worth to note that the document mentions the Ca-Zn technology as the only alterative to application of harmful cadmium and lead.

Green Book (.pdf)