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dealerthe ForisWin software

the ForisWin software

The Garbalilnski company offer their partners a professional software tool that is available to those that fabricate PVC windows and doors within the FORIS system, The software, called FORISWin, is a perfect instrument to facilitate manufacturing and sales processes of window woodwork. In spite of a rich set of functionalities and powerful operation capacities the software is very friendly and easy in navigation. The software makes it possible to design any fenestration layout, however the embedded interlocks disable application of components that are infeasible due to technical reasons. The full database of FORIS products is incorporated into the software and allows taking advantage of versatile capabilities of the system. End-user prices can be adjusted to the market policy of individual resellers owing to a scheme of discounts and surcharges yet an own algorithm for price calculation can be used as well. Large variety of possible settings and options enable customizing that software and adjusting it to the individual needs. Although FORISWin is offered in two versions: for manufacturers and for resellers, the both versions are compatible and can collaborate with one another. For instance, standardized purchase orders can be transmitted from resellers to manufacturers via e-mail.